What Is the Full From of APMC in Agriculture?

Full Form of

The Full Form of ‘APMC’ in Agriculture is ‘Agricultural Produce Market Committee’.

Full Form of ‘APMC’

Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is a statutory body established by state governments in India to regulate and promote the business of agricultural products. It is responsible for governing the trade of agricultural commodities such as cereals, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables and fruits. The APMCs are set up under the Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act of each state.

The main objectives of APMC are to provide a platform for farmers and buyers to come together and facilitate transactions, ensure fair prices for farmers, protect them from exploitation by middlemen or traders and also create an environment conducive to healthy competition among buyers.

The APMC has been set up as a quasi-judicial body with members appointed by the state government. The governing council consists of members elected by the farmers and representatives from various other departments like banks, finance corporations etc., along with independent members. This committee is chaired by a chairperson appointed by the government. The chairperson has the power to settle disputes, if any, between buyers and sellers at market yards regulated by APMCs.

The primary responsibility of an APMC is to collect market fees from buyers on behalf of the government or local authority as per prevailing rates. This fee is used for maintenance of market yards, providing better facilities for traders/farmers such as water supply, electricity etc., paying salaries of personnel employed in the markets etc., These fees could either be fixed or variable depending on each state’s regulations. Additionally it also collects taxes applicable on sale/purchase transactions that take place within its jurisdiction area.

The importance of Agricultural Produce Market Committees can never be underestimated as they play a very important role in ensuring fair prices to farmers and preventing exploitation at hands of middlemen/traders. They also make sure that no adulteration takes place while selling agricultural produce thus protecting consumers’ interest too. In short they have been instrumental in regulating agricultural produce markets all over India since their inception in 1960s.

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