What Is the Full Form of BIS in Organization?

Full Form of BIS in Organization

The Full Form of ‘BIS’ in Organization is ‘Bureau of Indian Standards’.

Full Form of BIS

The full form of ‘BIS’ in organization is ‘Bureau of Indian Standards’. It is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Government of India. BIS is India’s National Standard Body responsible for formulating and enforcing standards in order to improve product quality and protect consumer interests.

BIS was established on 23rd December 1986 under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act 1986. The act provides for the establishment of a Board which shall be responsible for controlling and managing the activities of BIS. The Board consists of a Chairperson, four members from Central or State Governments, three members from industries or trading associations, three technical experts and one representative from consumers organizations.

The primary objective of BIS is to promote standardization, testing and certification in India as well as abroad. It works towards achieving its objective by setting up national standards for products manufactured in India, providing necessary support for developing international standards and ensuring that products conform to standards set by it.

To ensure that products meet these standards, BIS carries out various activities such as conducting tests on sample products collected from market, issuing licenses to those companies whose product meets its standards after successful testing etc. It also provides certifications to manufacturers proving that their product complies with all applicable Indian Standards (IS). This certification increases the credibility of manufactures as customers are assured that they are buying quality products.

BIS also promotes research and development (R&D) activities related to standardization and certification by encouraging different stakeholders like industry associations, academia etc., to come together and develop new technologies related to product quality improvement. Further, it undertakes continuous monitoring of products already certified by it so as to ensure their continued compliance with set standards over time.

Apart from this, BIS also plays an important role in promoting trade between countries by facilitating mutual acceptance of test results among them through Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA) entered into between them. This helps reduce cost associated with testing & certification process faced by exporters thereby increasing their competitiveness in global markets.

Thus we can see that BIS plays a very important role in improving product quality as well as promoting trade between countries through its various activities such as setting up national & international standards; conducting tests; issuing licenses & certificates; undertaking R&D activities; entering into MRAs etc., Therefore it can be said that ‘Bureau of Indian Standards’ has been instrumental in providing consumers with safe & quality products while at the same time helping exporters enhance their export market opportunities

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