What Is the Full Form of CPWD in Administration?

Full Form of CPWD in Administration

The Full Form of ‘CPWD’ in Administration is ‘Central Public works Department’.

Full Form of CPWD

CPWD stands for Central Public Works Department, a part of the Government of India. It is an autonomous body responsible for public works in India. The primary objective of CPWD is to provide construction and maintenance services to the government and its agencies. The department has been functioning since its inception in 1854.

The Central Public Works Department is headed by an Engineer-in-Chief (E-in-C) who is assisted by four additional members including Secretary, Financial Advisor and Chief Accounts Officer. It has a team of officers from various engineering disciplines like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at the field level. Apart from these technical staffs, there are also administrative officers at each level of hierarchy.

The department carries out construction and maintenance activities related to government buildings such as offices, schools, hospitals, university buildings etc., as well as public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports etc. These activities are carried out through several plans such as Capital Works Plan (CW), Maintenance Works Plan (MW), Special Repair Works Plan (SRW), Minor Works Plan (MWP) etc. The department also provides engineering consultancy services for various projects related to public works and infrastructure development for both government and private sector clients.

CPWD also monitors all the civil works undertaken by other departments across India that require technical input or assistance from CPWD engineers or departments like Railways or State Governments. The department further assists in the preparation of feasibility reports on new projects before their execution and ensures timely completion of all such projects within stipulated time frame as per laid down norms and procedures.

Apart from these core functions, CPWD also provides professional advice on important matters related to public works and infrastructure development which needs technical inputs from qualified personnel like architects, engineers etc. Moreover it offers training programs for engineers working in other departments so that they can acquire necessary skills required for various government projects related to public works sector in India. In addition to this, it offers advisory services on standards for design & construction materials used in public works sector apart from providing guidance on implementation of technical regulations & codes related to these projects in order to ensure their quality & safety.

In short, Central Public Works Department plays a vital role in ensuring smooth functioning of all the public works across India which makes it an indispensable part of Indian administration system today.

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