What Is the Full Form of ICMR in Medical?

Full Form of ICMR in Medical

The Full Form of ‘ICMR’ in Medical is ‘Indian Council of Medical Research’.

Full Form of ICMR

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is the apex body in India for the formulation, coordination, and promotion of biomedical research. Established in 1911 as the Indian Research Fund Association (IRFA), ICMR was later reconstituted as an autonomous body by the Government of India through the Resolution No. IV-12011/1/56-MED(I) dated April 1, 1956 under the Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The main mission of ICMR is to promote research in medical sciences by providing financial and technical support to research institutions and universities in India. It also acts as a national coordinating agency for biomedical research and provides scientific advice on health policy matters to the Government of India. The organization works closely with other organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, etc., for advancing its mission.

ICMR is responsible for the development and execution of policies related to health research in India. It has established several institutes and developed a network of laboratories across various states in India, working on topics ranging from infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS to non-communicable diseases like cancer. ICMR has also formulated several strategic plans to meet its long-term objectives such as reducing maternal mortality rates, improving nutrition among children, dealing with emerging threats from antimicrobial resistance and climate change effects on public health. In addition, it also develops guidelines for ethical conduct of clinical trials; formulates national health policies; organizes annual symposia on current issues related to healthcare; conducts workshops on public health; publishes journals; coordinates clinical services at government hospitals; and provides technical assistance to state governments for implementation of health programmes.

In recent years, ICMR’s focus has shifted towards strengthening its capacity building initiatives through training programmes and developing new technologies that can assist in early diagnosis or treatment options for diseases such as cancer or diabetes. It has initiated several projects related to genomics, bioinformatics and nanomedicine which are aimed at providing better healthcare outcomes. In addition, it has launched various fellowship programmes that enable young medical professionals to pursue advanced studies in specific fields or pursue PhDs abroad while working on specific areas like clinical trials or epidemiology etc..

In conclusion, ICMR plays an important role in promoting biomedical research across India by providing financial assistance, guidance and infrastructure support along with formulating policies related to healthcare sector in order to improve overall standards of public health in the country.

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