What Is the Full Form of SPG in Army?

Full Form of SPG in Army

The Full Form of ‘SPG’ in Army is ‘Special Protection Group’.

Full Form of SPG

The Special Protection Group (SPG) is an elite paramilitary force of the Indian Armed Forces. It was formed in 1988 to provide security to the Prime Minister and other high-ranking politicians of India. The SPG is a specialized unit within the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) that is responsible for providing comprehensive security cover to the Prime Minister, former Prime Ministers and members of their immediate families.

The SPG derives its strength from the Indian Army and is composed of highly trained personnel who are capable of responding to any kind of threat or attack on their protectees. The SPG has been modeled on the United States Secret Service, which provides protection to the President of the United States. However, unlike its American counterpart, the SPG does not provide protection to foreign dignitaries visiting India.

The SPG has three operational wings based in New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Each wing consists of a Commandant who is responsible for overseeing all operations carried out by his unit. The SPG also works closely with other security agencies such as Intelligence Bureau (IB), Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), National Security Guard (NSG) and Aviation Research Centre (ARC).

The role of the SPG is to protect its protectees from any kind of threats including physical attack, sabotage or kidnapping attempts by terrorists or anti-national elements. This could include surveillance operations, counter-terrorism measures and providing escorts for their protectees during official travel or visits abroad. The SPG also conducts drills and exercises regularly in order to maintain readiness levels at all times so that they are able to respond quickly when required.

In addition to providing physical security cover, the SPG also provides advice on personal security measures that need to be taken by its protectees while travelling abroad or attending public events in India. The SPG also assists other law enforcement authorities in investigations related to threats against its protectees. The organization has been credited with several successful operations in thwarting terrorist attacks against Indian political leaders over the years.

The Special Protection Group is one of the most elite units within India’s armed forces and it plays a vital role in keeping political leaders safe from harm’s way. Its personnel receive extensive training in order to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently even under extreme pressure situations. The organization’s motto “Sarve Bhupal Nirbhayam” which translates as “All Kings Fearless” aptly reflects its commitment towards protecting its protectees from any kind threat or danger whatsoever at all costs

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