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The meaning of ‘pst’ in Social Media is ‘pacific standard time’.

Meaning of ‘pst’

When communicating on social media, the acronym “PST” is often used to indicate a specific time frame. The abbreviation stands for Pacific Standard Time and is used to describe the time zone covering the western coast of North America. PST is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, which puts it three hours behind Eastern Standard Time (EST). This makes PST two hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time (MST) and one hour ahead of Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT).

Pacific Standard Time works on a consistent 24-hour clock, with midnight being 00:00 and noon being 12:00. As such, PST can also be referred to as Coordinated Universal Time minus 8 hours (UTC-8). It is also referred to as Pacific Time or PT. As its name implies, this time zone is based on the mean solar time of the 120th meridian west of the Greenwich Observatory, located in London, England.

During Daylight Saving Time, known as PDT in this region, clocks are set forward one hour resulting in an offset of UTC-7 instead of UTC-8. This happens twice per year in order to make better use of natural daylight during warmer months. With this change comes confusion when trying to determine what “PST” refers to at any given moment as it could either be PST or PDT depending on the season. To avoid confusion and ensure accuracy when discussing times over social media networks like Twitter or Facebook, it is important to specify whether you are referring to Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Saving Time when using “PST” as an abbreviation.

The states that observe Pacific Standard Time include California, Oregon, Washington state, Nevada and parts of Idaho and Montana. In Canada, British Columbia also observes this time zone along with some other regions in Yukon and Northwest Territories.

For those who live within these areas or interact with people from these regions online it is important to understand what “PST” means in order to effectively communicate about times for events or meetings taking place within these zones over social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Knowing whether someone meant Pacific Standard or Daylight Saving time can help avoid confusion when setting up appointments or scheduling phone calls between individuals living in different areas around the world who may not be aware that there are two different versions of PST used throughout North America depending on the season.

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