What Is the Full Form of PAC in Police?

Full Form of PAC in Police

The Full Form of ‘PAC’ in Police is ‘Provincial Armed Constabulary’.

Full Form of PAC

The full form of ‘PAC’ in police is ‘Provincial Armed Constabulary’. The PAC, also known as Provincial Armed Constabulary or Prantiya Raksha Dal, is a police force in India. It is a para-military force primarily used for law and order duties. The main purpose of the PAC is to maintain law and order in the state and to provide security to the citizens.

The first PAC was inaugurated in Uttar Pradesh in 1949. Since then, it has been established in all states across India with the sole aim of providing better policing and public safety. The PAC has come a long way since its inception and now serves as an important part of the Indian Police Service (IPS).

The organization is divided into three wings – General Police Wing (GPS), Special Police Wing (SPW) and Security Support Wing (SSW). Each wing has its own set of duties and responsibilities such as patrolling, crowd control, traffic management, investigation and arrests etc. In addition to this, it also undertakes anti-terrorism operations and other special tasks assigned by the Central or State governments.

Unlike other police forces, the members of the PAC are trained specifically for their roles so that they can respond quickly to any emergency situation that arises. They are equipped with latest weapons including assault rifles, shotguns, armoured vehicles etc., so that they can tackle any kind of threat effectively. Furthermore, they are also given training on how to handle various situations like riots or clashes between communities as well as rescue operations during natural disasters or accidents.

Apart from their traditional policing duties, the members of PAC have been actively involved in several community development activities such as disaster relief work during floods or earthquakes; providing aid during times of drought; conducting medical camps; creating awareness about different social issues like drug abuse or child labour; running environmental campaigns etc.

In conclusion, it can be said that Provincial Armed Constabulary plays an important role in maintaining law and order in India by providing security to its citizens. They are highly trained professionals who have not only been efficient at their job but have also contributed significantly towards community development initiatives across India

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