What Is the Full Form of PSLV in Science?

Full Form of PSLV in Science

The Full Form of ‘PSLV’ in Science is ‘Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle’.

Full Form of PSLV

The full form of ‘PSLV’ in Science is ‘Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle’. This acronym stands for a type of launch vehicle that was specifically designed and developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to launch satellites into polar orbits. It is one of the most important and reliable launch vehicles used today in the space industry.

The PSLV, or Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, was first launched in October 1994 from Sriharikota, India. Since then it has successfully completed over 50 launches, making it one of ISRO’s most successful projects. The main purpose of this vehicle is to launch satellites with a higher inclination angle than other launch vehicles, which means that they can reach an orbit over Earth’s poles.

This makes them ideal for certain applications such as earth observation missions, which require an uninterrupted view of the earth from pole to pole. The PSLV was also designed to be more cost-effective compared to other launchers on the market, making it a popular choice for launching commercial payloads as well.

The PSLV is powered by four stages during its ascent into space:

  • The first stage uses solid rocket motors and is responsible for getting the vehicle off the ground and up to an altitude of about 70 km;
  • The second stage uses liquid propellants and helps accelerate the vehicle further up to an altitude of around 175 km;
  • The third stage uses solid rocket motors again and continues accelerating until it reaches its orbital velocity;
  • Finally, the fourth stage uses electric propulsion systems and helps fine tune the satellite’s trajectory before releasing it into its final orbit around Earth’s poles.

One key feature of this launcher is its ability to carry multiple payloads at once – something that no other launcher in service today can do. This makes it a great choice for deploying multiple satellites at once or even using one launcher for both primary and secondary missions simultaneously – something that could save time and resources if done properly.

Overall, the PSLV has proved itself as a reliable launcher capable of delivering satellites safely into polar orbits with high inclination angles with utmost accuracy – qualities that make it one of ISRO’s most successful projects to date!

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