What Is the Full Form of UNESCO in Organization?

Full Form of UNESCO in Organization

The Full Form of ‘UNESCO’ in Organization is ‘United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization’.

Full Form of UNESCO

UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is an organization established by the United Nations in 1945 to promote international collaboration in culture, education, science and communication.

The main objective of UNESCO is to contribute to a world where all people are able to enjoy peace and security, respect human rights and live harmoniously with one another. To achieve this goal, UNESCO works to strengthen global understanding between people of different cultures through education, science and communication. By promoting dialogue among nations, it seeks to promote international cooperation that brings about social transformation and development.

UNESCO’s mission is to build global peace through education, science, culture and communication. It believes that these four elements are essential for sustainable development and the advancement of humanity as a whole. To this end, the organization works to empower people by providing them with access to knowledge and skills needed to develop their full potential.

One of UNESCO’s most famous initiatives is its World Heritage Program which aims at preserving important sites throughout the world for future generations. The program identifies places that are particularly valuable because of their historical or cultural significance as well as their natural beauty or scientific value. These sites are then protected by international legislation so that they can be enjoyed by future generations without any danger of destruction or damage from human activities.

Another important initiative undertaken by UNESCO is its International Education Plan which promotes educational opportunities that are accessible around the world. This plan helps ensure that everyone has access to quality education regardless of their location or economic status. By providing educational resources such as textbooks, curriculum materials and training programs, UNESCO ensures that people everywhere have access to knowledge necessary for personal growth and development.

UNESCO also invests in research projects aimed at addressing global issues such as poverty reduction and climate change mitigation strategies. Through its research initiatives it contributes significantly towards solving pressing problems facing humanity today such as poverty alleviation, gender equality promotion and sustainable energy solutions.

Finally, UNESCO strives for cultural diversity preservation through its support for culture-based activities such as festivals, music performances, exhibitions etc., which promote intercultural dialogue across communities worldwide

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