Uncovering the Hidden Symbolism of ’88’ on Social Media

Meaning of

The meaning of ’88’ in Social Media is ‘Bye-bye ‘.

Meaning of ’88’

The phrase “88” has become increasingly popular in the world of online social media. It is often used as a way to say goodbye or farewell, and many people use it as a quick and easy way to sign off of their messages or posts.

The term “88” is thought to be derived from the number 8, which is the symbol for infinity. This association can be seen in the way that many people will use the term “88” to signify an everlasting goodbye or farewell, rather than just a simple one-time parting. It is also believed that some people may use this term in reference to the double meaning behind its numerical form – 8 standing for eternity and 2 representing two paths diverging.

In addition to being used as a goodbye message, some people also use it when ending conversations online or even when expressing their feelings about something they are leaving behind or saying goodbye to. For example, someone might post “88” if they are moving away from home and want to express their sadness at leaving friends and family behind. Similarly, someone who is ending an online discussion might use “88” as an indication that they have said all they need to say on the topic.

The term “88” has been used in various forms over the years, but it has really gained traction within social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It has become such an integral part of these platforms that many users now recognize it instantly when they see it posted by others. In fact, some users have even created custom memes featuring characters using “88” as a goodbye gesture!

In general, “88” tends to be viewed positively in social media circles due its friendly connotation and ease of use. It can be used in both serious conversations as well as more lighthearted ones, making it a great tool for conveying emotion or simply saying goodbye quickly and efficiently without having to type out long farewells every time you leave a conversation or post something online.

Ultimately, “88” has become an important symbol for those who frequent social media sites because of its versatility and implications about infinite goodbyes and everlasting friendships. As such, it likely won’t be disappearing anytime soon!

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