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The meaning of ‘bcs’ in Social Media is ‘bowl championship series’.

Meaning of ‘bcs’

The term “BCS” is a popular acronym used in the world of social media. It stands for “Bowl Championship Series,” and is used to refer to one of the most important events in college football. The BCS was developed in 1998 as a way to determine which teams would compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) championship game.

In the NCAA FBS, there are 11 conferences that each have their own champion: the Big Ten, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big 12, Pac-12, Mountain West, Mid-American Conference (MAC), Sun Belt Conference, American Athletic Conference (AAC), Conference USA (C-USA), and Independent schools. Each season, these conference champions receive automatic bids to compete in one of six major bowl games: the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual; Allstate Sugar Bowl; Discover Orange Bowl; Capital One Bowl; Tostitos Fiesta Bowl; and Discover BCS National Championship Game. The other four bowl games are considered minor bowls and do not involve any BCS consideration.

The BCS system uses a complex formula to decide which two teams will face off in the championship game at the end of each season. This formula takes into account many factors such as strength of schedule, head-to-head results between teams, computer rankings, and polls. After all of these factors are taken into consideration, a pairings committee selects two teams to play in the championship game. The winner of this game is crowned as the national champion for that year’s FBS season.

Since its inception in 1998 until its termination in 2014, the BCS system was widely criticized for favoring certain power conferences over others and for not using more objective criteria when determining who would play for the national title. Despite these criticisms however, it still played an important role throughout college football history. In particular it gave smaller programs with lesser resources more opportunities to compete on a larger stage than they may have had before its introduction.

The term “BCS” is now commonly used within social media circles whenever discussions about college football take place – especially during championship week when fans anticipate finding out who will be chosen to compete for an FBS national title that year. Although it has been replaced by a new playoff system since 2014, it will always be remembered fondly by millions of fans nationwide as one of college football’s most iconic events ever created – and its use within social media stands as testament to that fact.

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