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The meaning of ‘giwist’ in Social Media is ‘gee i wish i would said that’.

Meaning of ‘giwist’

The phrase “Giwist” has become increasingly popular in the world of social media. It stands for “Gee I Wish I Would’ve Said That,” and is used to express admiration for a witty comment or clever quip someone else posted.

This phrase originated on Twitter, where users would often encounter a funny comment or joke they wished they had thought of themselves. While there was no word to describe this feeling, one user created the term “giwist” as an offbeat way to express it.

Since then, giwist has become a common expression on social media platforms like Reddit, Tumblr and Instagram. It’s used to show appreciation for a clever comment that resonates with the person who posts it. Sometimes it can also be used when someone finds something particularly amusing or interesting, but didn’t think of it themselves.

Giwisting is just one part of the larger phenomenon known as “punctuated appreciation.” This is when people add punctuation or symbols (like exclamation points) after words or phrases in order to emphasize their positive feelings towards what another person said or did. As such, giwisting is seen as a form of online high-fiving and serves as an acknowledgment that you find something enjoyable without having to directly respond to it.

In addition to being an expression of recognition for another user’s content, giwisting can also provide validation for those who post something creative or humorous online. Even if their post doesn’t get many likes or comments from others, they may find comfort in seeing someone else use the term “giwist” in response to their content – letting them know that at least one other person found it impressive enough to warrant recognition.

Finally, giwisting can be an effective way for people on social media sites to show support and build relationships with each other by recognizing each other’s humor and wit. By expressing admiration through giwisting rather than simply responding with emojis or generic compliments, users are sending out a clear signal that they appreciate what another person said – even if they didn’t think of it themselves!

In short, giwisting is an informal way of expressing admiration and appreciation for someone else’s witty remark on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. It’s a fun way for people to interact with each other online without having to respond directly with words – instead opting for a lighthearted gesture that shows how much they enjoyed somebody else’s clever comment!

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