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The meaning of ‘ikr’ in Social Media is ‘i know right’.

Meaning of ‘ikr’

Ikr is an abbreviation for “I know right”, and it’s commonly used in social media conversations. It’s a way to agree or acknowledge something that someone else said.

The phrase “I know right” is usually used when someone wants to express agreement with another person. For example, if someone says they love a certain movie, you might respond with “I know right!” if you also like the movie. Or if someone shares an opinion or thought that you agree with, you might use “I know right” as an acknowledgement of their statement.

The use of ikr as an abbreviation of “I know right” has become increasingly popular on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It allows people to quickly and easily express agreement in conversations without having to type out the entire phrase. Plus, it can be used in informal contexts where typing out the full phrase would seem too formal or stuffy.

In addition to expressing agreement, ikr can also be used to show surprise or disbelief about something that was just said. For example, if someone posts a shocking story about current events on their Facebook wall, you could reply with “ikr?!?” This conveys your amazement at what was just shared without having to type out a longer response.

Another common use of ikr is when someone is trying to make plans with other people online. For example, if three friends are trying to decide where they want to meet up for dinner one evening and one person suggests a restaurant, another person might reply with “ikr! Let’s do it!” This way, everyone involved knows that everyone else agrees with the plan and is ready to move forward.

Finally, ikr can also be used sarcastically in some contexts. If someone posts something outrageous or ridiculous on social media and you don’t agree with them at all, you could respond with “ikr…” This conveys your disagreement while still keeping things lighthearted and humorous instead of getting into a serious debate over the issue at hand.

Overall, “ikr” is a useful abbreviation that has become popular among people who use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It helps people quickly express agreement or disbelief in conversations without having to type out the entire phrase each time they want to respond. Whether you’re using it to make plans or simply express agreement over something that was said, it’s an abbreviated way of saying “I know right” that will get your point across quickly and easily online

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