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The meaning of ‘iswydt’ in Social Media is ‘i see what you did there’.

Meaning of ‘iswydt’

Iswydt, or I See What You Did There, is one of the most popular slang terms used on social media today. It’s used to acknowledge when someone has made a clever joke or comment and is a way of showing appreciation for their wit.

It all started back in 2011 when the phrase was first used on Twitter by user @pistachio who posted “ISWYDT: I see what you did there.” Shortly after, other users began using the acronym in their tweets and it quickly spread across the internet. Now it’s common to see people use ISWYDT whenever someone makes a funny comment or joke.

The term can also be used sarcastically, as a way to point out when someone has said something that wasn’t particularly clever or funny. This usage of ISWYDT is often seen as humorous since it implies that the person making the comment was trying to be funny but failed miserably.

The term has become so popular that it’s even been adopted by some brands and companies as a way to engage with their followers online. For example, McDonald’s UK Twitter account tweeted out “ISWYDT… When you get an unexpected surprise with your McDelivery order! #TreatYourself” with a picture of fries, burgers and shakes. In this case, they were using ISWYDT to emphasize how good their food tastes and how happy customers can be if they order from them.

Iswydt has also become popular among celebrities who often use it in their posts as well. For instance, actress Kristen Bell recently tweeted “ISWYDT… That my daughter just informed me she learned about black holes at school today! #SpaceGeek #ProudMama” which garnered thousands of likes from her followers who appreciated her hilarious take on parenting.

Overall, ISWYDT has become an essential part of our online language and is used constantly on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It’s a fun way to show appreciation for someone else’s wit or sarcasm without having to say much else beyond those three little letters – “ISWYDT”.

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