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The meaning of ‘Java EE’ in Development is ‘Java Enterprise Edition’.

Meaning of ‘Java EE’

Java Enterprise Edition (EE) is an application development platform based on the Java programming language. It provides a comprehensive set of APIs, tools, and services to help developers create enterprise-level applications. Java EE has become the standard for developing enterprise applications, with an estimated 80 percent of all enterprise applications being developed using it.

The primary benefit of using Java EE is that it allows developers to create robust and secure applications that are easy to maintain and scale. The platform includes several components such as the Java Servlet API, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and more. These components allow developers to quickly develop sophisticated applications that can run on a wide range of hardware platforms.

In addition to its core features, Java EE also provides support for web services, messaging, security, transaction processing, and other enterprise capabilities. This makes it ideal for developing distributed applications that require complex integration between different systems. For example, a web service written in Java EE can be integrated with an existing database or other data sources easily. Furthermore, the platform also supports several popular databases such as Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Java EE also provides a framework for creating portable and reusable components that can be deployed across multiple hardware platforms without any changes in code or configuration files. This allows developers to quickly and easily deploy their application on different servers without having to make any changes in code or configuration files every time they switch servers.

Finally, because all components of the platform are written in Java language, they are highly interoperable with other software components written in different languages such as .NET or C++. This makes it easier for developers to integrate their application with existing systems or technologies from other vendors without having to rewrite significant portions of code.

Overall, Java EE is an incredibly powerful platform for developing enterprise-level applications quickly and securely. Its wide range of features makes it ideal for creating large-scale distributed systems that require complex integration between different components while still providing excellent performance and scalability levels.

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