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The meaning of ‘lmr’ in Social Media is ‘last minute resistance’.

Meaning of ‘lmr’

Social media has changed the way people communicate, and new acronyms are popping up all the time. One of the newer acronyms is “lmr”, which stands for “last minute resistance”. This phrase is often used in a joke or sarcastic way to describe someone who is putting off doing something or avoiding making a decision.

The term “last minute resistance” was first coined in the early 2000s by psychologist Robert Cialdini. He noticed that when trying to persuade someone to do something, there seemed to be a pattern of hesitation or push back from people just before they made their decision. He termed this phenomenon “Last Minute Resistance” (LMR).

At its core, LMR describes a person’s reluctance to make a final decision until the very last minute. It could refer to someone procrastinating on making an important purchase, such as buying a car or booking a vacation. It could also refer to someone hesitating before finally committing to going on a date with someone they like. In both cases, despite being presented with all of the facts and options, it takes that person longer than usual to make their choice.

In some cases, LMR can be beneficial; it gives individuals more time to think through decisions and weigh up options before committing themselves fully. However, in other instances LMR can lead to unnecessary stress and frustration among family members or friends who are waiting for an answer or decision from that individual.

Today, you’ll find the acronym “lmr” used in various online communities such as Reddit and Twitter as part of conversations about procrastination and avoidance tactics. While it’s usually used in a lighthearted way between friends, it can also be used as an observation about someone else’s behavior – especially when that person continuously puts off making decisions until the last possible moment.

In conclusion, “lmr” is an acronym that stands for “last minute resistance”. It’s often used sarcastically or jokingly when referring to someone who has difficulty making decisions or keeps putting things off until the very last possible moment. While this behavior can sometimes be beneficial by allowing individuals more time for reflection and consideration before committing themselves fully, it can also create stress and frustration among those waiting for answers from them.

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