Unlock the Hidden Meaning Behind Social Media’s Trending Slang ‘TANKED’

Meaning of

The meaning of ‘TANKED’ in Social Media is ‘owned’.

Meaning of ‘TANKED’

The term “tanked” has become increasingly popular in the world of social media, but what does it mean? In its most basic sense, “tanked” means to be “owned” or defeated. It can also be used to describe a situation where someone has been completely overwhelmed by another person or group.

In essence, tanking is a way of expressing dominance over an opponent. When someone tanks someone else on social media, they are essentially saying that they have won the argument and that their opponent is not worth debating with any further. This phrase has become popular on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube among others.

The term “tanking” has also been used to describe situations in which people are being bullied or harassed online. Some people use this phrase as a way of calling out bullies and making them aware that their behavior is not acceptable. For example, if someone posts something offensive on social media and then receives backlash from other users, they may be described as having been “tanked” by those who disagree with them.

The meaning of “tanking” can also change depending on the context in which it is used. For example, in some cases it may simply refer to someone who has been bested in an argument or debate rather than necessarily owning them outright. Similarly, it could also refer to someone who has simply made a mistake or failed at something rather than being owned outright by another person or group.

It is important to note that while the term “tanked” may seem harmless enough when used in a non-confrontational context, it can still be damaging if taken too far or used inappropriately. The power dynamics of social media mean that words like this can easily be misinterpreted and abused by those looking for ways to hurt or belittle others online. As such, it is important to think carefully before using this term and consider whether doing so could lead to hurtful consequences for those involved.

Overall, the meaning of “tanked” in social media terminology is quite simple: it means you have been owned or defeated by another person or group. It can also refer to someone who has been bullied or harassed online although this should always be done responsibly and within reason so as not to cause unnecessary harm. Ultimately though, tanking serves as an effective way of asserting dominance over an opponent while simultaneously showing respect for their opinions and ideas – something we could all benefit from remembering when interacting with others on social media platforms!

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