Uncovering the Hidden Meaning of Tanking in Social Media

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The meaning of ‘TANKING’ in Social Media is ‘owning’.

Meaning of ‘TANKING’

Tanking in social media is a term that refers to dominating the conversation. It means taking control of the conversation and owning it, either by having the most compelling opinion or the most often shared one. It’s become a popular term because it implies that someone has taken charge and is leading the conversation in their own direction.

Tanking is often seen in online forums, Twitter threads, Reddit posts and other spaces where people can post their thoughts and opinions on various topics. When someone tanks a conversation they are standing out from everyone else by having an opinion that stands out or is more frequently shared than others. This can be achieved through facts, statistics, research or simply being witty and clever with your replies.

People who tank conversations in social media usually have a very clear agenda for why they are doing so. They may want to promote their own product or service, spread awareness about an important issue or just gain attention for themselves. In some cases people even use tanking as a form of manipulation to get people to agree with them or bring attention to something they deem important.

Tanking can also be used strategically to influence public opinion on certain topics. For example, if you wanted to sway public opinion about gun control you could post articles and facts supporting your views on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. By doing this you could potentially start trending conversations which would then create more exposure for your message and reach more people than before.

Tanking is not just limited to promoting ideas though; it can also be used as a way of getting rid of unwanted comments or criticism from people who disagree with you on certain topics. It’s similar to trolling but instead of trying to provoke anger or frustration from others you are using facts and clever arguments to prove your point without actually engaging in any kind of argumentative dialogue with them.

Overall, tanking in social media has become increasingly popular over recent years due its ability to help people gain attention and influence public opinion quickly and easily through platforms like Twitter, Reddit, etc.. People who tank conversations should always remember though that there’s always a risk of backlash if they don’t do it respectfully or go too far with their opinions so it’s important for them to remain professional when engaging in these kinds of conversations online.

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