What Is the Full Form of DRDO in Organization?

Full Form of DRDO in Organization

The Full Form of ‘DRDO’ in Organization is ‘Defence Research and Development Organisation’.

Full Form of DRDO

DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organisation, a premier organisation of the Government of India which is responsible for the development of defence technologies in India. The DRDO was established in 1958 with the objective of enhancing self-reliance in Defence Systems and undertakes design, development, and deployment of advanced defence technologies to meet the present and future needs of Indian Armed Forces.

Headquartered in New Delhi, DRDO works under the administrative control of Ministry of Defence. It is headed by a Scientific Advisor to the Raksha Mantri (Defence Minister). The DRDO is composed of five major laboratories and approximately 52 other establishments located across India. It has a total strength of over 30,000 scientists and technical personnel from various disciplines including engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science as well as materials science.

The main objective behind formation of DRDO was to promote self-sufficiency in defence production by developing technological capabilities for research & development (R&D) in defence related areas such as modernisation of weapon systems, missiles technology and combat aircrafts etc. To achieve this goal it has been investing heavily in research activities across various domains such as aerospace engineering, armaments technology, electronics & communication engineering etc. Over the years it has successfully developed many products ranging from simple components to complex systems such as light combat aircrafts (LCA), nuclear capable ballistic missile systems such as Agni & Prithvi series etc.

DRDO also collaborates with various Indian universities/institutes such as IITs/IISc Bangalore along with foreign universities/institutes like Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT) USA on various research projects related to defence technologies. It also engages itself into several international joint ventures with countries like Russia & Israel on projects related to latest military equipments & weapons.

Apart from R&D activities it also provides technical support services to armed forces for maintenance & repair work related to their equipment’s & platforms etc. It has also set up several centres & test facilities throughout India for testing its developed products before being inducted into operational use by armed forces or private sector companies.

In conclusion we can say that DRDO is an important part of India’s defence system which focuses on developing advanced technologies for modernising existing weapon systems and creating new ones which will enable India to become more self sufficient in terms its military capabilities and make us less dependent on imports from other countries.

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