What Is the Full Form of RPF in Railway?

Full Form of RPF in Railway

The Full Form of ‘RPF’ in Railway is ‘Railway Protection Force’.

Full Form of RPF

Railway Protection Force (RPF) is a security force of Indian Railways, responsible for the protection of railway passengers, passenger area and railway property of the Indian Railways. Established in 1898, it is one of the oldest central armed police forces in the country. The RPF functions under the authority of Ministry of Railways and is headed by Director General or an Inspector General.

The primary objective of RPF is to ensure safety and security to railway passengers and staff, along with providing assistance to them in case of any emergency. It also works towards preventing crimes related to railways such as thefts, robberies, illegal ticketing and fare evasion. In addition to this, it keeps a check on anti-social elements that might be causing harm to passengers or railway property.

The RPF carries out various activities such as patrolling areas around stations, conducting surprise checks on trains, keeping an eye on suspicious activities within station premises and deploying personnel at vulnerable locations. It also helps in controlling crowd during peak hours by regulating entry into trains or platforms. The force also provides assistance during natural calamities like floods or other disasters that can affect train operations.

To carry out its duties effectively, RPF has many divisions such as Railway Security Force (RSF), Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF) and Railway Protection Unit (RPU). Each division has different responsibilities depending upon their area of expertise which includes enforcing law & order within railway premises; providing protection from sabotage & terrorism; maintaining public order; handling cases regarding unlawful activities etc.

In addition to this, RPF also looks after matters related to personnel recruitment, training & development programs for its personnel as well as maintenance & repair work for its vehicles used for patrolling purposes. It assists in organizing various events like medical camps for railway staff & passengers etc., which help promote safe travel experience on railways. Furthermore, it participates actively in social welfare initiatives conducted by Indian Railways such as providing free meals during emergencies or offering reduced fares for senior citizens etc.

Overall, Railway Protection Force plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety & security of both passengers & staff on board Indian Railways network across the country. With its dedicated team members working round-the-clock towards prevention of crime related to railways while providing assistance whenever needed shows how vital their job is!

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