What Is the Full Form of CACP in Administration?

Full Form of CACP in Administration

The Full Form of ‘CACP’ in Administration is ‘Commission for Agricultural costs and prices’.

Full Form of CACP

The full form of ‘CACP’ in administration is ‘Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices’. This commission was established by the Government of India in 1965 with the primary objective of advising the central and state governments on pricing policy relating to agricultural products. Over the years, its scope has expanded to include various aspects related to agriculture and rural development.

The Commission is a statutory body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. It works towards ensuring that farmers are able to access a fair price for their produce by recommending suitable changes in support prices, minimum support prices (MSPs) and bonus payments. It also makes recommendations on taxation policies related to agriculture, such as sales tax or value-added tax (VAT).

The CACP has five members consisting of an independent chairman, who is usually a retired bureaucrat or an agricultural expert, three government representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and one representative from the National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD). The Chairman is appointed by the President of India on recommendation from the Union Cabinet.

The Commission operates through several committees constituted either directly by it or at its request by other bodies such as State Governments or NABARD. These committees are formed to look into specific matters such as pricing strategy for different crops, marketing reforms and production technology improvements in different parts of the country.

The Commission submits annual reports to both Central and State Governments based on its findings and recommendations. The reports include information on current market trends related to agricultural products, cost components involved in producing them and suggestions for betterment of crop production systems across various states. Based on these findings, appropriate policies can be formulated in order to ensure that farmers get reasonable returns for their produce while providing adequate supplies to meet consumer demands at reasonable prices.

In addition to this work, CACP also conducts research programs related to food security issues such as food safety standards, storage techniques etc., which help provide solutions that benefit both farmers and consumers alike. Furthermore, it provides guidance on implementation of new technologies like bio-fertilizers or pest management strategies which could improve yields significantly without adversely affecting regional ecology. Through its efforts over the years, CACP has made significant contributions towards increasing food production levels in India as well as improving market conditions for farmers selling their produce across markets all over India.

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