What Is the Full Form of PWD in Administration?

Full Form of PWD in Administration

The Full Form of ‘PWD’ in Administration is ‘Public Works Department’.

Full Form of PWD

The full form of ‘PWD’ in administration is ‘Public Works Department’. This department is responsible for the construction, maintenance and improvement of public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, parks, buildings and other facilities. In short, it provides services to the public through its various departments.

The Public Works Department (PWD) was established in India during the British rule to manage the construction and maintenance of public works projects. It is a government agency that is part of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in India. The PWD works in partnership with state governments and local authorities to carry out its duties effectively.

The main activities undertaken by the Public Works Department are:
– Designing infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals, roads etc;
– Construction of new projects;
– Maintenance and improvements of existing structures;
– Supervision of the work carried out by contractors;
– Implementation of safety regulations during construction;
– Preparation of budgets for all projects;
– Acquisition of land for new projects; and
– Monitoring progress on all project activities.

The PWD also has specialist divisions that are responsible for specific services such as engineering services, electrical services, road works and drainage systems among others. Each division has their own set of staff with specialized skills related to their particular job. Engineers, architects and technicians are employed to design project plans while skilled labourers are hired to construct them according to these plans. The department also employs inspectors who ensure that all safety regulations pertaining to construction work are being followed.

In addition to managing public works projects, the Public Works Department also provides technical advice and assistance on matters related to public infrastructure planning and development as well as urban development schemes. They play an important role in helping local authorities develop sustainable cities and towns by providing guidance on urban planning issues such as transportation systems, water supply networks and sanitation facilities among others.

Overall, the Public Works Department plays an integral role in ensuring reliable access to basic necessities such as water supply networks or roads for citizens across India. It provides a much needed service which allows individuals from rural areas access to modern amenities which would otherwise be inaccessible due to lack of resources or funding available at local levels alone. Therefore it serves an important purpose in maintaining social welfare standards throughout India by enabling individuals from low income backgrounds access basic facilities which would otherwise be unavailable due to financial constraints or geographical barriers

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