What Is the Full Form of NTPC in Exam?

Full Form of NTPC in Exam

The Full Form of ‘NTPC’ in Exam is ‘National thermal power corporation’.

Full Form of NTPC

NTPC stands for National Thermal Power Corporation. It is an Indian public sector undertaking located in New Delhi, India. It is the largest power generation company in India and is responsible for providing power to more than 30% of the population of India.

NTPC was established in 1975 by the Government of India as a wholly owned subsidiary of then-State Electricity Board (SEB). The primary objective of NTPC is to develop, construct and operate power plants in India with a focus on thermal power plants. Its vision is to become β€œan integrated power major,” with a focus on providing reliable and cost-effective electricity supply to its customers.

The company has over 20 coal-based stations, seven gas-based stations, three hydroelectric projects and one nuclear plant spread across 21 states and union territories in India. It also has operations in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It produces around 35000 MW of electricity through its various generating facilities all over the country.

In exams like IES, SSC CGL etc., NTPC stands for National Thermal Power Corporation. It is used as an acronym to refer to the company when discussing topics related to energy production or electrical engineering. In these exams, you may be asked questions related to NTPC’s operations or its role in meeting energy demand in the country. You may be asked about specific projects undertaken by the company or its plans for future expansion into other countries.

As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, NTPC has taken several initiatives such as reducing emissions from its coal-based plants, developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power and investing heavily in research & development activities towards improving efficiency at its existing plants.

NTPC also has a number of subsidiaries that carry out different activities related to electricity production such as fuel management services (FMS), consultancy services (CS), project management services (PMS) etc., which are important for providing quality service to customers across the country.

The full form of ‘NTPC’ therefore stands for National Thermal Power Corporation – an Indian public sector undertaking that plays a significant role in meeting energy requirements across India and beyond through efficient use of resources such as coal, gas, hydroelectricity and renewables like wind & solar power.

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